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Lonely Alien Update

This version has been around for a while so here’s an update. The parallax terrain scrolling preview demonstrates the terrain animation that will be applied when dev resumes. Currently the main project is in time-out while a crucial procedural dev-tool … Continue reading →
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Sci-Fi Board Game Map Tile Designs

The name of the game and the details are a little hush, but this is for a game that attempts to bring the 4X space strategy of classic computer games like Master of Orion directly to the tabletop, simplifying the … Continue reading →
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Interactive Spaceship Generator for Retro Space Strategy Game.

Here’s the basic ship icon generator. Colors are¬†extremely¬†random, but if you use your imagination and think back to games like Master of Orion you’ll probably get a hint of why I’m excited to have spaceship icons that are unique each … Continue reading →
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The Lonely Alien Stumbles onto an Ancient Relic

Added some new features to the draft. Take a look and lend me your feedback.
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Lonely Alien in an Eerie Cave

Woke up in the middle of the night and decided to put together some Photoshop comprehensives of what I’ve been mulling over in my head for months.
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2D Cave Generator Looking Good

So I’ve been working off and on the past few days with this game idea I’ve had for over a year now. It features you as a space alien that crashes his ship on a desolate planet
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