WIP Onion and Lime – Almost there

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WIP onion and lime shot 2

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WIP onion and lime

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Otterfolk sketch. #josephknightcom

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Battle-worn Illithid head. Just messin’ around.

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Sci-Fi Board Game Map Tile Designs

The name of the game and the details are a little hush, but this is for a game that attempts to bring the 4X space strategy of classic computer games like Master of Orion directly to the tabletop, simplifying the … Continue reading →
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Interactive Spaceship Generator for Retro Space Strategy Game.

Here’s the basic ship icon generator. Colors are¬†extremely¬†random, but if you use your imagination and think back to games like Master of Orion you’ll probably get a hint of why I’m excited to have spaceship icons that are unique each … Continue reading →
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Flourish details are inked

Inking practically done on the flourish details in lower part of poster. Next is cliffs and clouds and it’s on to inking the various other layers that will make up the additional colors.
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Ink Drafts for Fox Poster Idea

The key plate is nearly finished…
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The Lonely Alien Stumbles onto an Ancient Relic

Added some new features to the draft. Take a look and lend me your feedback.
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