Living Waters Brand Image SetOlen Blash Ministries needed a set of collateral to support his new church. With a name like “Living Waters” and slogan, “A Refreshing Place for You to Worship” the logo called for a lively and reinvigorating design. Beginning with several drafts we settled on a more literal direction with a personified splash of water that implies the living aspect of the name.

Several options were explored all focusing on a flowing, liquid design.

Once the LogoPack had been designed a few key collateral items were chosen for development, ones that would receive the most traffic and have the most visible placement in his organization:

  • Letterhead for correspondence inside and outside the church
  • Tithe envelopes which would be visible to the congregation during service
  • CD’s for distribution of recorded messages
  • and of course Business Cards for firsthand, in-person branding.

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