Phoenix Shoe AdThe new Phoenix cheer-leading shoe by Nfinity was a bold step in the science of athletic shoe support and therefore called for a bold presentation to the public. A simple photograph of the model was provided (barefoot and all), shoes were shipped to my door for photographing, and offered was the simple request of, “give her flaming wings”.

Extending her clothing, leg paint, and adding a custom mask was quite tricky and all painted by hand; but the real difficulty was in photographing the shoes at just the right angle for placement on her feet. Sure a scantily clad flaming beauty in sneakers looks a slight bit odd at first glance but it certainly catches your attention when thumbing through the pages.

This project truly pushed my painting skills but I loved every moment and am that much better an artist as a result. I can’t wait to use these new techniques in future projects.

Before and After

By revealing the stark difference between the starting point and end result, prospecting clients should get an idea of the unbridled possibilities at their disposal. If you have a visionary idea for your project that requires uncommonly unique, creative design, please just scroll down to the contact form and get that project started. It’s more affordable than you would think, and the terms are quite flexible.

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