The second Phoenix Girl ad for Nfinity begins to turn a single ad into an ad campaign and really helps drive the message. Two or three ads that are similar yet are obviously separate designs leaves a stronger and more indelible impression on the audience. The brand seems more established, planned and thought-out and is therefore generally more respected.

The Design Process

Demonstration of the evolution of the ad from stock image to final designA stock image was provided and shoes delivered for in-house photography. After sketching over the original photo in order to set the size and shape of the wings, feedback was received to help curb the design toward Nfinity’s goal. Then the wings were painted, dramatic lighting effects added, and our centerpiece items, the shoes, were carefully placed on the feet and color adjusted. With logo placement and preparation for print the ad was quickly made available to multiple industry-related magazines to promote awareness of Nfinity’s latest sports shoe offering.

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